What’s the difference?


For years people have been drinking Iced Coffee on those hot summer days. Traditionally, overheated coffee lovers have been pouring their hot-brewed coffee into a cup of ice and drinking it cold…ish. Eventually, a light bulb clicked on and someone somewhere realized that they were drinking watered down old coffee and they came up with this much more delicious and refreshing way to drink a cold caffeinated brew.

Cold Brew Coffee uses a much different approach. The coffee is ground more coarse than what is used for hot brewed coffee and time, rather than temperature, is used to extract the coffee’s natural flavors. This method produces a more smooth, less bitter and all-around more refreshing and chuggable cup of coffee.


Uncommon Coffee Roasters(UCR) picked up on this method more than 10 years ago. Using the Toddy system, UCR began brewing and serving this drink in their downtown Saugatuck cafe. As the demand for Cold Brew grew, so did production. UCR began bottling and eventually wholesaling it to their wholebean customers as well with a number of batches being brewed and bottled daily at the UCR roasting facility.

Now, using a proprietary design, UCR has moved onto large scale production and has partnered with Guernsey Farms Dairy of Northville, Michigan to retail 3 varieties of Cold Brew Coffee in dairy-style milk cartons. 

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