Cold Brew is Now a Real Word!


Guys, this is kind of a big deal. No longer will people have to wonder ‘what is a “cold brew” and how do I use it in a sentence?’

On March 30th, added 300 new words to it’s online entries. Many of them are trendy mashups and slang words that you will have to either google or consult your 13-year old neighbor to find the meaning.

Along with the term “cold brew,” added the following gems to enhance (or ruin) your vocabulary:

cat café
cheat day
cold brew
dad bod
man bun
mic drop

As for “cold brew,” the online dictionary defines it as the following:

1. the process of steeping coffee grounds or tea leaves in room-temperature or cold water for many hours, producing a concentrate to which more water may be added.
2. a cold coffee or tea drink made by this process.

And they even offer a “historical example” so you can be sure to use the term correctly.
Briggs drank deeply of the cold brew, then dried his beard with a handkerchief of purple silk.


Meijer picking up Straight* version of UCR’s Cold Brew Coffee drinks

Michigan Cold Brew Coffee Straight

The wait is over!

Just 8 months after the first production run, and only 3 months after Meijer picked up Uncommon Coffee Roasters (UCR) ready to drinks, Meijer has decided to put UCR’s Cold Brew Coffee Straight* into 170 stores! This includes 38 new stores that do not carry the “with milk” products. Keep an eye out on a shelf near you!

Cold Brew Coffee Straight* is meant to be enjoyed however you like it. Drink it straight, over ice (or ice cream!!), or mix it up and add your favorite milk or sweetener! 

Let us know how you like it and tag @uncommoncoffeeroasters #uncommoncoffeeroasters #uncommoncoldbrew

Cold Brew Coffee to be sampled at 100 Meijer Stores!

for sampling uncommon coffee roasters cold brew coffee at meijer stores michigan indiana illinois kentucky wisconsin ohio

In honor of our recent launch with Meijer, we are sampling our Cold Brew Coffee at 100 locations throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Kentucky! So, if you haven’t tried it yet, be sure to check our map for a free sample near you!

And if you have tried it, go ahead and pick up a sample anyway to boost you through your next shopping trip, we won’t tell 😉


Details: FREE samples of Cold Brew Coffee w/ Half & Half and Cold Brew Coffee w/Chocolate Milk

Date: Sunday, October 9th 2016

Time: 12:00PM – 6:00PM (local time)

Place: 100 Meijer locations. See below!

For more information on our Cold Brew Coffee and Meijer stores, please check out our press release or the GRBJ article below.

To find a carton near you, visit our map.

In the News


Uncommon Coffee Roasters “Cold Brew Coffee” Available at 168 Meijer Stores in 6 States

Uncommon Coffee Roasters, a Michigan based wholesale coffee roaster and cafe operator, has great success with latest Cold Brew Coffee creation

Saugatuck, MI — (ReleaseWire) — 09/23/2016 –Uncommon Coffee Roasters (UCR) ready-to-drink Cold Brew Coffee could be coming to a Meijer store near you. Beginning September 23, 2016, UCR’s Cold Brew Coffee in a carton will be available at 168 Meijer locations in 6 different states (MI, OH, IL, IN, WI, KY). Meijer will be carrying 2 varieties of UCR’s RTD cold brew. They will be retailing the 16-ounce drinks at an exclusive introductory price of $2.99 each.

In Spring of 2016, UCR released 3 varieties of Cold Brew Coffee: Straight*, Half & Half, and Chocolate Milk (as of this release, Meijer will not be offering the Straight* version). Partnering with Guernsey Farms Dairy of Northville, Michigan, the drinks are packaged in dairy-style cartons, an earth-friendly alternative to many competitors. As for the flavor, UCR’s cold brew has been hand crafted for coffee lovers with more coffee and less added ingredients. Jason from Thirsty Dudes wrote, “The coffee itself is delicious and the small amount of added sugar would make this enjoyable to anyone out there who has even the smallest interest in coffee, and perhaps even others who have no interest.”

In just three short months, more than 60 businesses in Michigan, Illinois and Indiana have picked up the products, selling more than 50,000 cartons. The first run of cold brew sold so quickly, production had to be tripled immediately. This forced UCR to revolutionize the way their cold brew was made. The end result was a proprietary tank, made in collaboration with Grand Rapids-based business, Psycho Brew.

About Uncommon Coffee Roasters
Uncommon Coffee Roasters is a small batch specialty coffee roaster in West Michigan. Owned and operated by Guy Darienzo and Stephen Keye, UCR opened as a café by the name of Uncommon Grounds in Saugatuck in 1994. In 2000, UCR began roasting their own coffee. Due to popular demand, in 2010, UCR opened a wholesale business in the neighboring city of Douglas. The company services over 200 customers in Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Illinois.

More information about UCR and their Cold Brew Coffee products can be found at

Media Contact
Angie Pena-Smith
Uncommon Coffee Roasters

4 Things You Need to Know About Nitro Cold Brew


1. It looks like beer! Poured from what looks like a beer tap, our Nitro comes from a 5 gallon corny keg just like our other cold brews on tap. Since it is infused with Nitro, the coffee has a head on it, much like the head found on that of a Guinness beer.


2. More caffeine. Cold brew coffee often has twice as much caffeine as regular hot brewed coffee. This is why it is sometimes served in smaller portions.


3. Naturally sweet and creamy. No milk or sugar is needed, so feel free to skip the condiment station. The cold brew process naturally extracts the sweetness of the coffee without bringing out the bitterness that hot coffee drinkers may be used to. In combination with the nitro-infusion, the drink is extremely creamy.


4. “Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!” Nitro Cold Brew is best sipped from a glass so skip the straws and lids. You want to be able to fully experience the mouthfeel of the crema hitting your lips.


OMG! It’s National Rum Day!

In honor of National Rum Day we decided to throw together a quick recipe to get your through the 5 o’clock hour!

This drink has been affectionately dubbed “The Guy

4 Ounces Uncommon Coffee Roasters Cold Brew with Half & Half
1 Ounce New Holland Artisan Spirits Freshwater Superior Rum
Just a pinch of Allspice
Cinnamon Stick for garnish

Michigan Cold Brew Coffee Half and Half+    freshwatersuperior-sm =  amazing

Combine all ingredients and shake over ice.

Strain over ice and garnish with Cinnamon stick.

Serve and enjoy! Save the other 12 ounces of Cold Brew to get you up in the morning 😉


Check out to learn more about RUM!

What’s the difference?


For years people have been drinking Iced Coffee on those hot summer days. Traditionally, overheated coffee lovers have been pouring their hot-brewed coffee into a cup of ice and drinking it cold…ish. Eventually, a light bulb clicked on and someone somewhere realized that they were drinking watered down old coffee and they came up with this much more delicious and refreshing way to drink a cold caffeinated brew.

Cold Brew Coffee uses a much different approach. The coffee is ground more coarse than what is used for hot brewed coffee and time, rather than temperature, is used to extract the coffee’s natural flavors. This method produces a more smooth, less bitter and all-around more refreshing and chuggable cup of coffee.


Uncommon Coffee Roasters(UCR) picked up on this method more than 10 years ago. Using the Toddy system, UCR began brewing and serving this drink in their downtown Saugatuck cafe. As the demand for Cold Brew grew, so did production. UCR began bottling and eventually wholesaling it to their wholebean customers as well with a number of batches being brewed and bottled daily at the UCR roasting facility.

Now, using a proprietary design, UCR has moved onto large scale production and has partnered with Guernsey Farms Dairy of Northville, Michigan to retail 3 varieties of Cold Brew Coffee in dairy-style milk cartons. 

Why Cold Brew Coffee Is No Longer Just for Snobs


You may think you’ve learned all of the coffee lingo you need when ordering from your local coffee shop. But these days the coffee dictionary is adding a few new entries: Cold brew, flat white, and nitrogen-infused coffee.

Cold Brew on tap

Cold brewing, a method of brewing coffee over a long period of time without heat, is supposed to offer a smoother beverage with less acidic taste. The flat white features whole milk and two ristretto shots, which are smaller, more concentrated serving of espresso. And nitro is a cold brew coffee—that’s infused with nitrogen gas, making it tastier.

Cold brew, in particular, is a trend that has taken off. Originating roughly five years ago at small outfits like Stumptown Coffee Roasters, it percolated in cities like Seattle and San Francisco, where coffee connoisseurs are drawn to new, supposedly richer coffee.

The trend has since accelerated as big players likeStarbucks SBUX 0.09% and Dunkin’ Brands DNKN 0.45% plotted their own national launches. Just this week, Peet’s Coffee said it would launch a new slate of ready-to-drink drinks, initially addressing the San Francisco market before expanding to other regions down the road.

Starbucks has been especially aggressive in bringing cold brew to market — selling it at grocery stores, as well as the company’s restaurants. It began to tinker with cold brews in 2014 with small test runs in a few cities before expanding that version of coffee across the entire fleet of U.S. stores by the end of last summer. The chain has since introduced a vanilla-flavored cold brew coffee, as well as cold brew infused with nitrogen. Dunkin’ Donuts recently announced it would sell cold brew in restaurants in the New York and Los Angeles metro areas this summer, with a national launched planned later this year.

Read the entire article on Fortune