We pride ourselves on our diverse partnerships and above average standards. This is why we chose to pair our Cold Brew Coffee with Guernsey Farms Dairy, a Michigan based, family owned business with over 75 years of dairy expertise. Their knowledge paired with our 20 plus years of specialty coffee experience has proven to be an amazing partnership. Together we have produced 3 luscious drinks that every coffee lover will enjoy!

Our Cold Brew Coffee has been carefully crafted to be the best cold coffee drink around. First, we roast our coffee in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Then, we brew it with cold water and let it steep for more than 16 hours to extract the most enjoyable flavors.cartongif

A smooth-bodied drink with notes of roasted walnut, caramel and creamy chocolate, our Cold Brew Coffee Straight* is smooth and flavorful. Jason from ThirstyDudes.com wrote “I have always loved the way that ground coffee beans smell, and this is the first time I’ve ever tasted it brewed where the flavor matched that smell. If this is how all coffee smelled I would be an addict like most Americans. Lucky for me most coffee is a pale comparison to this…”

If you are looking for something with a little less kick and a little bit of cream, try our Cold Brew Coffee with Half & Half. Chocolate lovers, try our Cold Brew Coffee with Chocolate Milk infused with Guernsey Farms Dairy’s award-winning chocolate milk.


Our goal is to provide a variety of delicious and unique coffees while creating and maintaining sustainable partnerships with coffee producers, coffee lovers and everyone in between. We roast our coffee in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Then, using our proprietary cold brew system, we let it steep for 20 hours to extract the most enjoyable natural flavors.

Great milk compliments great coffee. The milk used in our Cold Brew Coffee is never ultra-pasteurized (UHT). UHT changes the taste and texture of the dairy, causing the milk to have less flavor and to lose nutritional value.


All of our spent Cold Brew Coffee grounds are donated to a local farm, Tiller Willy’s Worm Farm, to be repurposed. Tiller Willy’s uses the grounds for earthworm farming, healthy food growing mediums and chemically free gardening.

Click here to watch our Grounds to Ground video to learn more.

Our coffee comes from the earth and our cartons do too. The primary raw material for our cartons is wood, a renewable resource from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. All our cartons are fully recyclable, thus reducing raw material use and carbon emissions. The shape of the carton provides more space efficiency during transport and storage; transported as a flat-pack prior to filling further reduces delivery costs and environmental impact. Visit recyclecartons.com to find a recycling facility near you.



Q: How much caffeine is in your Cold Brew Coffee?

A: See below. Note: Approx. mg is per serving, there are 2 servings in each carton.


Q: Your cartons are so hard to open! Any tips for opening?

A: We apologize for the inconvenience. We  have been listening to your feedback and are doing something to improve this! Look for our new & improved carton with a twist-off cap summer 2017!

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